Save time and money

When you use a travel agent you are getting the benefits of their expertise and knowledge to save you time and money.
When you book online you pass the commission to the online agency, without getting the service a travel agent will give you. You can spend hours online or on the phone doing your own arrangements. Travel agents do this all the time so they know the shortcuts – and they know the best places to go for what you want.

Here are other reasons why we would like you to use a travel agent

• We don’t cost any more
Travel agents don’t charge extra. They earn their commission from sales of cruises, airfares, hotel stays, tours etc. – occasionally it may be necessary to charge a fee for changes made to itineraries or bookings.

• We want happy clients
We make recommendations based on the specific needs and request of our clients, not on which companies will give us more commission, incentives or gifts from travel companies.
If we know a better deal or better prices, or a way to give our clients a better experience we will always recommend it.

• We can match online prices
If you enjoy putting together your own holiday – we understand. But if you want to be sure you have got the best deals and are not being scammed, send us the details. We will usually be able to match it or tell you why it is not what it seems. If you make your own reservations directly with cruise company and transfer the booking to our agency, we both win. You get exactly what you want, we do all the follow up and can offer suggestions on how you can enhance your holiday.

• We have access to rates you can’t reach
Travel agents have access to special rates, offers and prices that consumers can see. This will save you money and we may also be able to arrange for extra amenities because we have greater buying power than the individual consumer.

• We can save you time
There is so much information available it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. We know who to ask, and where to go when it looks like something is complicated. And if you have a complicated itinerary we have the tools to make sure that nothing is missed.

• We understand the fine print
Who takes time to read the fine print these days? There are many terms and conditions associated with travelling and travel documents, but most people do not take the time to read all the conditions associated with travel booking. Sometimes this can be disastrous. Travel agents deal with these terms and conditions every day and know where the pitfalls are.

• We understand insurance
All insurance is not equal. Travellers may not be aware of what their insurance does not cover, or they may not believe it is important to have insurance – until they find themselves with a medical or other emergency overseas. Your travel agent can guide you through the insurance maze.

• We love to travel
We spend our holidays travelling. We use this experience when we plan your travel.