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We have been helping discerning travellers create unique itineraries for over 25 years

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Over 25 Years of experience in travel and cruise holidays

Whether you would like to explore Australia, or visit our nearest neighbour, New Zealand, or maybe you have Antarctica, or Europe on your must-do list, we can help you put together the perfect itinerary. 

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What People Are Saying

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"Thank you for your great service - it mandates continuous customer loyalty. Please stick around - we need competent help. The world will return to normal at some point and we can catch up on travel and good times we're now missing. We will also have seen the value of full service travel agencies. "
David M
"Thanks for helping us with our trip to Japan. I really enjoyed our time there. The food was a highlight. The cruise was great to get all around Japan and interesting to see cherry blossoms at different stages - Tokyo was fantastic in the gardens in Shinjuku and also Niigata"
"Thank you for the refund. We appreciate what you are doing for us under these very difficult circumstances. We had a lot of different components on our holiday, which makes it all the more complicated"
Eric and Sue

Travel Log

Cruise ships return

31 July is the date when New Zealand will fully open up to tourists and cruise ships return. Originally planned for the end of September the decision to move the date for cruising to return has delighted those who are keen to travel to our near neighbour together with the …

Holland America has docked the Volendam in Rotterdam to house refugees currently staying in hotels. Holland America has entered into an agreement for three months to provide this facility. This charter is part of the Netherlands’ commitment to accept 50,000 refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of their homeland. The cruise …

With a sigh of relief, we learnt this week that the Kimberley will open up to cruising. Western Australia has decided to allow ships with up to 350 people on board to enter after 17 April which means that international expedition cruise operators will be able to return. The Northern …

Cruising is back in April

April 17 is the date set by the Australian government for the return of cruising.  Cruise ships were banned from entering Australian waters in 2020 when the Covid epidemic struck. Cruise lovers have been waiting anxiously for the date when ships will be allowed to enter Australian waters. Many have …

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