10 reasons to take a river cruise

Yesterday we had a couple in the agency who were keen to do one of the cruises from Moscow (pictured) to St Petersburg along the Volga River. These cruises are becoming increasingly popular so they were lucky that we found them a cruise, though it wasn’t on the date they first wanted. Sometimes it can take half a day to find such a trip and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people want to do this searching themselves on the internet instead of asking a travel agent to do the hard yards for them. The cruise our clients wanted to do is one of the most popular and as these boats take under 200 passengers and only cruise in the warmer weather we were very pleased to find what they wanted.
If you have never considered a river cruise, here are 10 things you might like to know:
1. A river boat is a floating hotel. It is a relaxing and rewarding way to travel through parts of Europe, only unpacking once.
2. Today’s river boats are packed with amenities including libraries, spas, access to the internet, bicycles and some even have pools.
3. The staterooms are typically extremely comfortable and have similar beds to those you find in hotels, television and entertainment centres and other plush amenities.
4. Food is gourmet and dressing is casual. Meals are included and on some cruises so is wine.
5. On-board entertainment frequently includes local musicians and talks by experts in the areas you are travelling through.
6. When your boat docks you will be right in the heart of the action where you can explore and shop and enjoy the services of local guides.
7. These boats are smaller than ocean cruises and there are plenty of opportunities to get to know others onboard.
8. You will be able to explore a number of different cities, all without having to de-camp as you would in a coach or overland tour.
9. Canals and waterways criss-cross Europe and Asia and there are many parts of the world that can be explored in this way.
10. It’s the perfect way for those who suffer from sea sickness to enjoy all the benefits of a cruise.

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