Antarctica: which cruise is right for you?

Every year more ships carrying more passengers make their way to Antarctica. Visitors will be up around the 59,000 mark in 2019/20, a long way from 1966 when just 57 tourists made the first trip.

Ships are now being designed just for the purpose of travelling to the land of the South Pole and they too have come a long way from the early Russian research vessels which were not known as luxurious – or for their ability to stabilise in rough seas.

For a rundown of the ships visiting Antarctica in the next season there is a really comprehensive article published in the Fairfax press last weekend and written by David McGonigal, author of several books on Antarctica, and veteran of over 100 voyages to the region.

One of the strangest looking vessels with some of the most innovative features is Aurora Expeditions Greg Mortimer, the video below will show you just how and why.