Airy fairy air fare

What is it that makes every day in travel exciting? Yes – even I find it exciting…
Learning, and doing stuff – sorry, talking like a kid – Learning, and assisting our clients; that’s what.
So today, I rose to that challenge when shown an air fare booking by a client who had used points to gain a credit from a retail chain travel agent. The itinerary, to the Americas, was Economy class travel for 2 persons and a credit had been applied for the points used – and the balance paid by credit card.

How I wish I could now write ” And we saved them $xxx…!!!”
But unfortunately, the tickets had already been issued.
Our calculation, even with no applied credit, and despite the fact that we charged the applicable  merchant fee, would have saved our client $476 on exactly the same flights.

Frankly, I was surprised. Yes we are cruise specialists, but we are above all a full-service travel agency.
If you have one (of that endangered species) it pays to get them to check those “deals”.

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