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Airy fairy air fare

What is it that makes every day as a travel agent exciting? Yes – even I find it exciting…

Learning, and assisting our clients; that’s what.
So today, I rose to that challenge when shown an airfare booking by a client who had used points to gain a credit from a retail chain travel agent. The itinerary, to the Americas, was Economy class travel for 2 persons and a credit had been applied for the points used – and the balance paid by credit card.

How I wish I could now write ” And we
saved them $xxx…!!!”
But unfortunately, the tickets had already been issued.
Our calculation, even with no applied credit, and the fact that we charged the applicable  merchant fee, would have saved our client $476 on exactly the same flights.

Frankly, I was surprised. Yes we are cruise specialists, but we are above all a full-service travel agency.
If you have one of us ( an endangered species!) it pays to get them to check those “deals”.

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