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“Secret” Dollar Discounts
Today we saw the benefits of our rising Aussie – a cruise fare we found for a client that could be paid in Aussie dollars or if the client had chosen to pay in US dollars… with the US dollar rate converting to a lower total price than the Aussie fare! If this all sounds like double-dutch to you, come in and see what we can do for you on cruise pricing.

Schmoozing the Cruisers
World Cruising Day is happening this week – it’s a major promotion by the cruise industry to encourage forward bookings. Seasoned cruise clients know that the best cruises sell fast. In fact the very best sell “from the top down” – the top-category cabins selling out early.
There is a stack of bargain offers – Regent, Silversea, Crystal, Cunard, Seabourn and The World – plus the top-rated small ships such as Orion, Prince Albert II, True North, Clipper Odyssey . Check the travel sections, check the internet, then check with us! We will make every effort to ensure you’ll be glad you did.

Fasten Your Saddles?
The worst recent travel news was the release of new aircraft seats designed like a saddle. The passenger sit-stands, and the airline can pack more rows into the plane. We would hate to know that any of our clients was travelling this way.
If it doesn’t sound like fun to you consider…
Premium Economy on Qantas: book before the 26th October and you may fly to major capitals in greater comfort from $2999 including taxes, no booking fee – call us for details. (Fares and departure dates vary.)
Contact me – martin@travelchoice.com.au for more info on any of this!

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