Cruising with interest in the Mediterranean

Many of my clients want their cruising holiday to be rewarding educationally – as well as relaxing… so I was very pleased to find out about the Aegean Odyssey and it’s philosophy of ”interest and excitement ashore, comfort and relaxation on board”. Aegean Odyssey, formerly the 2-star Aegean I has been totally rebuilt and refurbished to offer 380 cabins including 81 large cabins, 42 with balconies and 16 single cabins for solo travellers. In it’s previous life it had 570 cabins.
Her greatest distinction is the lecture program. Titled ‘Voyages to Antiquity’ Aegean Odyssey’s cruises are ”not only for the amateur or professional historian but also for people who simply want to understand the history, art, myths and architecture of the ancient world”. The ship has been adapted so that she is able to cruise the Mediterranean coast and moor in some of the smaller harbours inaccessible to the larger ships.
There are 9 Mediterranean voyages planned for 2010 starting in May, each of around 2 weeks, and some offering pre and post cruise excursions. The ship will dock in port at night wherever possible enabling passengers to sample the local cuisine and wine.
Lecturers and speakers are all highly qualified and range from experts in Greek and classical literature, professors of archaeology and the classics and experts in marine art and naval history to masters of wine and food writers.
I was delighted to be able to offer this cruise to a client this week – and expect that many more of my clients will want to take advantage of this new cruising experience.

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