Sochi, Russia then to Constanta, Romania on Minerva

Just back from an excursion into Constanta, Romania.  We did not particularly warm to it. It is a town that has seen better days, many of the beautiful ornate mansions were requisitioned by the Communists and are now crumbling, because their owners, having got them back can’t afford to restore them. The picture is of an ornate and potentially captivating building by the waterfront, that has been everything from a home to a wedding reception house to a casino, but now in disrepair.  We did a walking tour this morning and were shown the old Roman ruins, of which there are many, including an amazingly huge mosaic floor of a former market that has been unearthed by archaeologists. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the money to keep this in good condition either, so it’s future is probably threatened.It was freezing… we thought it would be warm and sunny, as the last 2 days at sea were idyllic as far as sunshine goes… so it was good to get back to the ship and a bowl of soup.  Before our 2 days at sea, we ventured onto Russian soil at Sochi, the place of the Winter Olympics in 2014. Sochi has been described as spectacular and the mountain peaks that form the background were the site of the Olympics. It was a freezing, wet day and we opted for the excursion to see the sights and visit Stalin’s Dacha.  A visa is essential for Australians entering Russia and they are very expensive and not worth if for a half day’s stopover, so there was no chance to do an independent walk around the city. Our first stop was the Matseta springs, a sulfur spring spa popular with many Russians and the reason why Stalin built one of his many dachas there. When we arrived at Stalin’s ‘holiday house’, we found a grim dark green building, which was mostly closed to the public, even his swimming pool which was on the itinerary was closed for renovation. Kept nearly as it was in Stalin’s time, with a life-size wax figure of Stalin sitting at his desk in his office, it was quite unnerving. 
We have been listening to lectures on board by experts in diplomacy and Byzantine and military history and this has added to the tours and made the excursions much more interesting … one reason we chose this trip. So now we have 3 more ports of call, the final one being Istanbul. Next it’s Varna, then Nessebur, then Istanbul.
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