The worst room at the best price

Have you ever booked a hotel room online at what seemed a fantastic rate only to arrive at your accommodation and find your room didn’t have a window, was next to the railway line, or was simply the worst room in the hotel? A client reported this to us recently and told us that no longer would they use this well-known website to book hotels, but would ask us to make the arrangements for her. ”Óh and by the way do you think you could get a better rate?” she asked. (Sometimes we feel we are expected to be magicians!) But the answer in this case was probably yes as we checked the current rate on this website and the rate available to us through our suppliers. And it was a better room!
The other service we like to organise for our travellers is a private transfer. Of course you can often get a taxi, but you may have to wait around and this can be expensive, especially in some places where if you don’t know the way and what the fare should be you can be taken for a ride. Also the taxi may not fit all your luggage. A private transfer is not free, and maybe cheaper than taxi and but it does give you piece of mind knowing that someone will meet you when you arrive – and take all your luggage.
Travel agents work hard for their clients, frequently saving them money, so it is depressing when someone says to me – “Oh I didn’t book with you because I got it cheaper on the net” – chances are you didn’t!!

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