Not flying today

Having personally been caught in a British Airways strike in the UK a couple of years ago, I understand the frustration both as a passenger and a travel agent when these things happen – and at Christmas. Currently British Airways is suffering from industrial action which is likely to go on well into the New Year, inconveniencing passengers and creating uncertainty at a time of year when we are all telling each other to be happy!!
In addition Melbourne’s Virgin passengers were warned to expect extensive delays yesterday when a damaged cable affected their check-in system. When we’ve planned a trip and anticipated it for some time we just want to get there – and if we are at the end of our trip we just want to get home… so these delays, which are out of our control, can make us very unhappy.
As a travel agent I advise my clients to research the situation on the day of travel before heading to the airport. Check with the airline, with the airport flight departures information service – check everything you can to avoid spending excess time or making a fruitless trip when flights are delayed or cancelled. My guess is that other OneWorld airlines will do their best to help British Airways through this, and that BA will do their utmost to fly their scheduled services to avoid disrupting so many people’s Christmas plans. (And of course being a member of an airline lounge club really counts when there are delays!) I wish everyone travelling by air smooth connections throughout this period.

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