No busman’s holiday for this travel agent

Ever wonder how travel agents keep up to date? It’s not easy I can assure you. Apart from the absolute plethora of brochures that land on our doorstep, mostly unannounced, there are what in the trade is called ‘product nights’ or ‘product launches’. I don’t actually think of travel as ‘product’ but that is the trade jargon. This is the time of year when these launches and nights are frequent. As with all such events – and having been in other industries before travel I have experienced them elsewhere – some are actually informative, some make you feel like you are back in school, some feed you well, others offer you a nibble if you are quick! A few are really interesting and very rarely one stands out for its originality and class.
Last night it was Tauck, a company that offers tours and cruises to all corners of the world; last week it was Qantas (and a chance to check out the latest exhibition at Sydney’s MCA); later on this week it will be Abercrombie and Kent, another company that offers luxury travel – there are more but I’m only thinking a week ahead at the moment.
Recently I have been thinking I would love to get away for a week or two – a busman’s holiday perhaps? – but even that is too difficult – too many launches, too many brochures! All important so I know what I am talking about when you come into the agency – but I’d love a holiday!

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