True North: Luxury adventure cruising

True North docked in Sydney

Today we took a ship’s tour of ‘True North’ while it was docked near Sydney’s  Gladesville Bridge. ‘True North’ is a unique ship. Designed to access shallow coastal waters and registered in Australia, it carries just 36 guests, and six adventure boats, it explores parts of northern Australia and the waters of Indonesia and around Papua New Guinea where other ships cannot go. It really is a one-off.

We were impressed with the cabins, the public rooms – and the food – but above all the staff, who were enthusiastic and dedicated, clearly loving their work and enjoying the passengers.

Itineraries include adventure cruises along the Australian coast, Kimberley Wilderness Cruises, adventure cruises in Indonesia leaving from Darwin, adventure cruises departing Cairns and in the future a cruise that will take in the Solomon Islands. Activities are planned for every day – there is no sea time, and activities include scenic walks, helicopter flights (the ‘True North’ has it’s own helicopter), snorkelling, diving, exploring nature, fishing and more.

All this is not done on a budget and the cost of joining a ‘True North’ cruise is at the top end. If you would like to know more contact us by email or call 2 9968 16