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Deals coming in left, right and centre

There are always cruise deals at this time of year – but in 2012 there are more than ever! Obviously the economic climate is having some effect on the number of people booking cruises – and coupled with more and more cruise vessels coming into the market it means that some are having difficulty filling their cabins.
As always – there are good deals and come ons. Sometimes we cruise agents are not told by the cruise companies what is going to be, or being offered. Sometimes our regulars will drop by to tell they just received an offer they couldn’t resist! When they do we check to see what has got them in and sometimes it is not as good as it seems – other times it is amazing.
I’ve been a bit slack with newsletters of late – but I can’t resist telling my clients about some of these deals… so if you’d like to escape sometime soon – check it out! 

Cold days and summer cruises beckon

Sydney is having a cold spell! Max 15deg, min 4deg – and it was pretty close to that when we went for our walk this morning near the Harbour. But the sun is shining. And it is a great time to be planning your next cruise – or your first cruise. There are some fabulous deals around at this time of year – and there are still some great Christmas cruises on offer. Globus for example has just released its 2010/11 European Christmas packages offering combination river cruise and land itineraries. European river cruises operate at this time of year and you can take a Viking cruise and visit Vienna or a Uniworld cruise and travel from Cologne to Nuremburg – a different way to spend Christmas. Antarctica is the dream destination for many too – and now is the time to book! Our weekly newsletter includes heaps of current specials… sign up if you haven’t already, it’s free.
If you see something advertised – or something on the net – do contact me and ask if I can do better – or if it is booked out if I can find out more. Frequently cruises, packages, even hotels, that appear to be booked out on the internet are in fact still available to the industry. You’ll find me at martin@travelchoice.com.au