A day on the Queen Mary

Cruising for Good Health… Well here we are on Day 6 of our cruise from Auckland to Osaka aboard QM2 and now feeling the benefits of a good holiday: we’re easy-going, relaxed, and a few kilos heavier! No – I’m just kidding, but with food available at all hours you really need to be disciplined about diet and health… And of course we were (!) but then… another superb meal – Gloucestershire Old Spot pork – in The Carvery last night and our good resolutions were blown to smithereens! But what the heck- we’re on holiday and in good, like-minded, food and drink-loving company!

Thank goodness for Deck 7, whose handsome teak promenade we stride each morning in a kind of penance for the night(s!) before. Three laps and you’ve covered well over a mile – QM2 is 1132 feet, just under 350 metres, long!

The big decisions – we have learned – must be taken early. Boarding in Auckland we found excursions in Guam (we arrive there Monday 7th at 0700) already fully booked. And some acquisitive blackheart has purloined the only Guam guidebook, to the librarian’s great annoyance. But we are Aussies, resourceful travelers, so we are confident we will find our own way about – and wary of being gleefully fleeced by predatory taxi drivers and “guides” of the second rank. Such must be the lot of the last-minute traveller!

But at the end of our day ashore we’ll scurry back on board to enjoy the real reason for our trip: the QM2 and all the facilities on offer. The Mark Hodginson Trip will serenade us as we try another cocktail in the Chart Room, and our conversation will be about nothing weightier than our next meal and whether to see the show or the movie or just stay put. Holidays are such hard work…

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