Dance hosts and cruise ships

In recent years I have taken up dancing Argentine tango in my spare time, so I am always interested when a client comes who is looking for a ship that offers dance hosts. This is on my mind because one such client did come in this week and because a friend I met at lunch said he was considering working as a dance host – he is an excellent all-round ballroom dancer. This train of thought of course led me to the Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau movie, ‘Out to Sea’. An enjoyable comedy about 2 con-men who get up to all sorts of antics when they take on the jobs of dance hosts on a luxury liner! Nothing real about it, but fun.
If you like to dance it can be a great activity on a cruise ship as many of them have excellent dance floors – some bigger than others. Cruise lines that offer ballroom classes will often also have dance classes, Cunard and Regent Seven Seas being two of them. For people like me, for whom tango is The Dance, there are even cruises which offer tango festivals, included classes, dances and tango bands. We have yet to have a tango cruise call into an Australian port, but they do sail the Caribbean and Mediterranean each year, so you never know.
If you would like to dance be sure to let me know if you are asking for cruise suggestions.

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