World’s safest destinations

Though we specialise in finding the right cruise for each and every client – we also do plenty of general travel work so I was fascinated when a friend sent me a link to this story on the Forbes traveler website.
To establish the safest destinations the researchers analysed data from the US State Department on crime warnings for travellers (similar to Australia’s DFAT warnings); looked at the latest UN survey on global crime trends and checked fear factors such as natural disasters and terrorism.
No doubt you will do what I did and try to second guess what these destinations are – and like me you will get some right and be surprised at others.
So here are some of the countries that make this list – not in any order:

  • New Zealand. I love New Zealand. We spent 5 days in Wellington recently enjoying the crisp winter days, the clean fresh air and the warm hospitality of the Kiwis.
  • Singapore. A regular stopover for many Aussies, but how many of us stay here for a few days – a great place to indulge in eating and shopping
  • Iceland. I have yet to visit this tiny country – but it is on my list
  • Switzerland. We had a wonderful time backpacking round Switzerland in the 70s. It was incredibly modern by Australian standards then.
  • Bhutan. My older son, who is a great traveller, recently visited Bhutan and found the people amongst the warmest and friendliest he had ever met.
  • Mauritius. Popular with honeymooners – and anyone who wants a great island holiday,.
  • ABC Islands – the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao in the Caribbean – (mental note to find out more about these).
  • Dubai. Popular stopover – which I have done – but well worth a visit. If you are a keen horse race-goer Dubai will be on your list.
  • Ireland – surprised? it has been found to be the least violent country in Europe.
  • Cyprus – another surprise.

And the most dangerous – Afghanistan, Iraq… and the U.S.
Find out more – including why these countries are considered so safe – by clicking the link above. And if you would like to find out more about the destinations drop me a line –

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