3 cruise ships and a dull day

Just come back from a photo trip to catch the Sun Princess, Diamond Princess and the Pacific Jewel in Sydney Harbour – or Sun Princess as it was leaving. But today Sydney turned on a grey, humid type drizzle and it really wasn’t worth it. So I’ve dropped in a picture of the deck of Sun Princess taken last time I was onboard.
28 ships in 28 days was the headline in the Sydney Morning Herald today – yes folks this is the beginning of a really busy time on Sydney Harbour as cruise ships come and go bringing thousands of tourists to our beautiful harbour. Most ships will dock at the International Cruise Terminal or Darling Harbour, but a few will be forced to use White Bay. This is a bit of hole – it has no facilities for cruise passengers and they are crowded onto buses and taken to Central Station – not much of a way to discover Sydney. When the ships don’t fit under the bridge they must moor in the harbour which is a better experience as passengers are taken by boat into Sydney.
Given that our Government doesn’t seem to understand the importance of providing decent, central facilities for cruise passengers I am not holding my breath on a solution to this problem.

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