Discounts or early bird offers – tips to help you decide

My last post was about the stream of deals that are coming into my (and every other travel agent’s ) email inbox everyday. If you would like to cruise, how do you decide whether to take one of these deals, wait for an early bird cruise offer or simply book the cruise you have your heart set on?
It really depends on how important this cruise is to you or whether you are prepared to put the dollars ahead of the destination.
Last-minute deals are ideal for those who are not particular about the destination – or a particular cruise. At the moment there are quite a few bargains around and if you simply want to cruise we will find you something to please. There are offers on a wide range of cruises but you will probably need to make up your mind quite quickly – ideally on the spot.
Early-bird deals are ideal for those who have checked the brochures and travel pages and know what they want. When you book an early-bird cruise you can choose your cabin, your dates and be sure that the flights are available, all of which can be very comforting when you are planning a holiday.
Cruising is growing in popularity as more people realise that many fares are all-inclusive. When you know that your meals, entertainment and in some cases even the tips are included in the cost of your holiday, it can make a big difference.
If you have any questions please email me… always happy to help.

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