Hurtigruten ship in Norwegian fjords

Cruising with a conscience


Couple on board ship in Norwegian FjordsIn 2015 we cruised on Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkennes in Norway and back to Bergen. As a way to see the coast of Norway it is probably one of the best. The ships dive in and out of the fjords carrying cargo and passengers to local communities. Meanwhile those who are simply travelling, have the opportunity to explore local communities, food and customs and to visit places they would otherwise not be able to see. One of the highlights of our trip was the dog sledding, another the midnight concert in a Arctic cathedral in Tromso.

Silversea is another cruise line with a conscience. They have recently launched a fund to support conservation in the Galapagos Islands. The fund will build on the cruise line’s current strategy of aiming for a positive impact on the natural and economic environment of the Galapagos, including its contribution to the Floreana Island Ecolological Restoration Project. Silversea will launch a new ship Silver Origin in 2020 built with a ‘dynamic position system’ which enable it to position over delicate seabed ecosystems to prevent the anchor damaging precious coral and incorporate freshwater purification systems to convert seawater into drinking water. They will also drastically reduce the use of plastic on board.

It is to be hoped more cruise lines will see that the way of the future is keeping our environment sustainable.

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