Airline which thinks your sleep is important!

Although I recognise that the wonder of flight has transformed human life and commerce

I would confess to a broad dislike of journeys by air, which may be why we have embraced cruising. How refreshing then in these days of cramped low-cost cabins to find that Etihad are taking passenger comfort seriously in all classes. They say… The airline has been working with a panel of “sleep experts” from the American Centre for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN) in Abu Dhabi since July 2012 to develop guidelines to enhance sleep inflight.
“A good night’s sleep is scientifically proven to benefit one’s health and nowhere is this more important than on a long-haul flight,” chief commercial officer Peter Baumgartner said.

 Amenity kits will be provided in all classes as will noise cancellation headphones, with all cabins to feature mood-lighting and a “sleep-time beverage service” offering hot chocolate and herbal teas. The measures aim to tackle each of the five senses in their quest to induce restful sleep. Well good for you, Etihad. Now the cat is out of the bag: passenger comfort has been neglected for too long. Congratulations on behalf of all those who experience dread at the thought of a long-haul overnight flight, of which I am definitely one, and let us hope for a word from other airlines who want to correct the idea that some of their passengers were being treated like cattle.

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