Finding a cruise – when you know where to look

Problem-solving makes my job interesting! Just last week a couple – regular clients of ours, but not cruisers – came in to ask whether they could return from a planned visit to Japan by sea rather than by air. I gave a qualified yes, but really was not certain it could be done: the days are gone when booking a sea-passage was a year-round possibility. Today we move freight by sea, and people by air. Cruise ship movements are ruled by the seasons and there are many months on the calendar with no international arrivals. But it can be done, and so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to offer a passage by freighter, from Japan to Brisbane, to suit their preferred dates of travel.

Freighter travel is paid for at a daily rate, plus certain fixed costs – and it usually is more expensive than the equivalent journey made by air. There may not be ships travelling the desired route. The ships may not leave or arrive exactly when scheduled – there are considerations and allowances to be made that do not affect cruise/passenger ships. The facilities on board are spartan; the need for self-sufficiency somewhat greater. But for all that there is an experience to be had that appeals to many – and so we are happy to handle enquiries and bookings, and to provide the opportunity if we can.
And it is always a pleasure to find the answer to a problem.

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