Using Frequent Flyer Points wisely

So you have a few frequent flyer points built up – enough to pay for one return fare to the UK or for 2 single fares which would mean you had to buy 2 return fares! Do you go ahead with the first option? Well before you do check out the cost of the single return fares – you may find they are almost the same as the return fares in which case you would be better to just buy the one return fare – or save the points for another trip. And if you are adding on extra flights – say to somewhere in Europe this would probably be the wisest option as there are often deals that make these cheaper when you buy all the trip at once.

Recently some friends asked me to book their return tickets after they had bought two one-way fares with FF points. There was nothing I could do, they paid almost as much for the 2 one-way fares and they would have for the 2 returns!!

It all seems to simple this booking on the internet… but when you use the systems I use and you know just how complicated the whole airfare system is you would no doubt think twice…especially when you know that there are fares your travel agent can see that the average online purchaser is not privy to!

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