Really fabulous air fares

So you’ve found a fabulous fare on the internet! Maybe it seems too good to be true so you ask your travel agent to check it out, make sure it is as good as it seems and book it.
He comes back to you and tells you that this fabulous fare involves 33 hours of flying a route that – using the most direct flights – normally takes just 18 hours… And your “bargain fare” involves sitting in transit lounges in the middle of the night for 15 hours – so do you book it?
Travel agents have access to all the websites you have, plus many industry-only sites.
They can spend hours checking out fares when clients find great deals, but frequently their research reveals these ‘great deals’ aren’t all they appear to be.
Do you want to fly to South America via the USA and sit in an airport in the middle of the night waiting for the connecting flight?
.Or perhaps you prefer to fly via South Africa and take nearly 2 days to get there, also sitting in airport lounges along the way for interminable times?
If you love airports and jet lag is never a problem then these deals could be for you, but if you prefer to hit the ground running and are actually not fond of sleeping on your suitcase while you wait maybe you need to pay a little more.
Most travel agents want to do the best by their clients (we certainly do) and we don’t like to book a journey that will test their stamina and their patience – and give them a reason to go it alone next time!
The moral of this story: next time you find a fabulous deal on the internet, check out what it involves – you may be surprised to find it is not as good as it seems.
If there really is a fabulous deal and we know you are planning to visit that destination, we will be right with you! And we may even email you about it before you see it onlin

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