Man jumping for joy in the ocean with water splashing

Cruising is back in April

April 17 is the date set by the Australian government for the return of cruising.  Cruise ships were banned from entering Australian waters in 2020 when the Covid epidemic struck. Cruise lovers have been waiting anxiously for the date when ships will be allowed to enter Australian waters. Many have had their cruise holidays on hold for a long time.

There are new protocols from the Australian cruise industry body (CLIA) to make cruising safe. Before ships can sail into Australian waters, State and Territory authorities will assess these protocols.

Don’t get too excited. Even with government approval, the cruise lines will not be ready to return in April. Some companies with vessels within reach of our shores will resume quickly,  particularly in areas such as The Kimberley. Other cruise companies will not be able to return until late 2022 or early 2023.

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