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This week, the Australian government announced that cruise ships would not be allowed in Australian waters until June 17. This is an extension of the original ban and will mean cruise ships have been banned from Australian waters for 15 months. There is no guarantee this won’t be extended further. On the bright side the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, did add that the restrictions “can be amended or repealed if no longer needed”.

Meanwhile many of the cruise companies are putting out itineraries for the future. If you s like to plan a year or two ahead talk to your travel agent. Terms and conditions have changed since pre-COVID .

Travel and cruising will be more complicated  here are some points to consider:

  1. Stay local for your first cruise – make the most of the travel bubble. If you do need to get home it will be quicker and easier than if you are on the other side of the world.
  2. Consider the type of ship. Plenty of deck space, high passenger to space ratio and fewer passengers could be more appealing than ever before.
  3. Consider your cabin – balconies will be in greater demand than they once were.
  4. Book late. Cruise companies are likely to offer plenty of great deals as the borders open and cruising starts again. Same with air fares.  
  5. Check your travel insurance. You may need to go over this with your travel agent as the terms are being modified all the time – pandemics have changed it all. 
  6. Know what the cancellation terms are.
  7. Make the most of your travel agent’s knowledge and experience – we have been keeping ourselves up to date during lockdown!    Phone  9968 1600 or email 

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