Hotels on the internet and tulips

A client popped in the other day with a pot of tulips to say thank you for the cruise she had just returned from! I find it incredibly satisfying when a client departs on a holiday I have planned knowing that I have done everything I can to make it a unique and enjoyable trip… so it is really nice when someone pops by to say thank you.

This client had a cruise on the Mediterranean which she really enjoyed.

So what’s this got to do with hotels you ask? She also booked hotels in Italy on the internet – though I would have been delighted to book her into some of the exquisite little hotels I have used for other clients – and she wanted me to know that next time she would be asking me to book them for her. Not one of the hotels she booked was as it was represented on the internet. I am hearing more and more of this. Recently my son and his wife booked a hotel on the internet (yes even family do this!) and when they arrived found they had been put in a hotel round the corner which was of a lower grade and did not have the views or the facilities they thought they were booking. And then there were the friends who booked an ‘apartment’ on the internet in South America only to arrive and find it was a garage…And it is well to know that the sites that offer hotel rooms only do not require a travel agent’s licence which has all sorts of responsibilities attached!

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