Bergen, Norway

Gateway to the coast of Norway, Bergen is a delightful fishing port with quaint tottering wooden buildings on the edge of the harbour and dwellings and buildings climbing up the surrounding hills. We arrived here yesterday afternoon after a long trip. Spending a day and a night in Dubai made sense but there is nothing you can do about the simple fact that Sydney and Oslo are a long way apart, and getting flights anywhere than the major hubs requires a few changes. 

After checking into our hotel on the edge of the harbour, we set off to visit the town. There is a cable car that goes up the mountain from behind the hotel and that was planned for today, but woke to very wet day… so we may just save that for our return. We found a brasserie upstairs in one of the buildings near the harbour and enjoyed a creamy seafood soup, a glass of local beer and a lively chat with a Kiwi waiter who has been working in Norway for 6 months and loving it.
Today we board the Kong Harald for our Hurtigruten cruise. 
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