Packing for a trip to the Norwegian fjords

Before we left on our trip I read as much as I could about what clothing to pack for an Arctic trip – remembering our journey was at the beginning of Spring, so we knew the weather would be cold. 

Now while it is fresh in my mind here is what we found useful:

* a goretex or similar rain coat with hood
* a down parka that folds up into a small packet
* a polartec
* at least 2 woollen jumpers
* at least 2 woollen thermal tops
* at least 2 woollen thermal pants
* overpants
* waterproof over pants
* boots – mine were after ski boots with fur lining that I bought on sale, my partners were bog boots – woollen lined wellington boots that he found to be fabulous
* socks – at least 4 pairs of woollen so you can wear 2 pairs at once
* outer gloves – ski gloves, we found one pair to be enough
* inner gloves – woollen – they make all the difference when it is very cold and were ideal when we were riding the sleds or out on the fishing boat.
* a warm woollen hat
* a warm scarf
* ski goggles – ideal on the dog sleds and when out in sleet.
We also took hand and foot warmers which we never used. We used plenty of moisturizer with factor 15″ but didn’t find any need for sun screen. 

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