Malaysian Airlines disaster, March 2014

In travel we are no different from any other industry: we plan for success. Most people are happy to travel by air and statistically it is one of the safest modes of travel. Our own homegrown airline Qantas is recognised as having the world’s best safety record. There are many airlines with a similar proud record but we must accept that history can give us only a guide, not a guarantee, when it comes to predicting the future. So we would be happy to recommend a number of airlines and perhaps choose their flights in preference to some others even where routes are not direct and flight times might be longer.  And we recognise that aircraft today are more reliable than in the past. As to the passport issues raised… Our clients will know that we are very keen to have their passport details at the time of booking, and the inclusion of this data is mandatory before tickets to the Americas can or will be issued.  However the matching of passport images with passengers’ faces is the responsibility of check-in staff and their procedures are not uniform around the world. We have no new information on the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and no comment to make, beside the fact that this airline has a long and exemplary record that places it among the world’s best. Our sympathy goes out to all those awaiting news of their loved ones on that flight.

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