Whale breaching

Lookout for Whales

Ship strikes are the leading causes of whale deaths – particularly the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whales.  According to the World Wildlife Fund there are fewer than 500 North Atlantic Right whales in our oceans. Sustainability is very topical in the travel industry particularly for cruise lines, with the world’s oceans being so very crucial to their operations . There is now a Whale-safe eco-label which will certify cruise lines and other shipping companies that take steps to keep from colliding with the marine mammals In order to qualify a cruise line must have:
  • 24/7 monitoring aboard their ships,
  • they must share whale observation data through a digital platform,
  • must have procedures in place to act if a whale is sighted,
  • they also must follow local speed and navigation rules.
The World Sustainability Organization launched the label in March as part of its Friend of the Sea project. This project certifies tourism, fisheries, and aquaculture efforts as sustainable. Perhaps the next cruise you go on will be determined by whether or not the line is Whalesafe . Look for a list of those cruise lines who care on the World Sustainability Organization’s Save the Whales Campaign dossier.

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