A barge holiday, Wind Star and a celebration: my week

Sometimes clients pop in to the agency because they would like to take a break, but nothing has caught their imagination. Other clients have seen an advertisement for a cruise or a holiday but when we explore we find that the dates are not suitable – or there are other conditions that are not to their liking. It can be fascinating exploring holiday options to suit individual needs.
I just love the variety that this job brings. This week’s inquiries include the family who would like to take a barge holiday in Europe, complete with tandem bikes so they can take their young children to explore the surrounding countryside; the couple who are taking a Wind Star cruise in the Mediterranean; the family who would like to take a cruise together to celebrate a birthday and the retired businessman who wants to do a New Year cruise to New Zealand.
We took a barge holiday with our family when they were teenagers and cruised the Oxford canals. The weather was glorious, late September summer days with warm sunshine and long days where we could walk the canal paths, stop whenever we pleased and simply enjoy the English countryside. My sons loved working the locks and in fact took over the running of the barge which made it a truly relaxing holiday for me. We didn’t have bikes but they are certainly an option on many barge holidays.
Wind Star is a four star sail-cruiser from the Windstar Cruise line. This means that she is a cruiser but she also has four giant masts fitted with computer controlled sails. Though this ship is seriously stocked with water sport equipment there are no scheduled activities and she is known for her stylish luxury and superb comfort. This ship not only sails the Mediterranean , including intimate Greek Island cruises, she also visits the Caribbean.
If spending a special occasion on board ship or taking time away for Christmas or New Year is something you would like to do there are dozens of options – you need to decide what type of cruise you would like, ask your travel agent for brochures and information to help you decide. Often folk will find something on the internet that appeals – but there may be something better or more suited that is not easily found – and that’s where I love to be able to help out.
I wonder what next week will bring?

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