Cruising away from the pirates

Today travel agents have customers who would rather use a person who is a travel agent to book their trips, than a website. For a start you can ask a person questions – and if they don’t have the answers they will find out for you – and secondly a person will often offer advice or information they feel you might like to know, which you won’t get from a website. And let’s face it – travel websites are just travel agents on line.
Recently a couple came into the agency who wanted to book a cruise around and near the Arabian Gulf – an area they had not cruised before. Had they been persistent I would have inquired of the shipping agents and made sure my customers had the most comprehensive information I could provide on the pirate situation. In this case I was able to offer them an alternate cruise in the Mediterranean visiting North African ports and they were happy. As so many large and small ships cruise in pirate-infested waters and their raids on cruise ships are becoming bolder all the time I would hope that the situation can be resolved without major drama – but in the meantime I will do my utmost to ensure the safety of my customers.

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