Egypt’s Unrest – and the fallout

Cruise itineraries and port calls are planned long in advance – some as much as 4 years ahead. And the last thing cruise line operators want is to place their clients in difficulty or danger.

Today we hear that MSC Fantasia itineraries have been rearranged to exclude port calls in Egypt. This is sad news. Other ports, other economies, will benefit from Egypt’s loss.

MSC Fantasia – above – carries up to 3274 passengers, plus 1,325 crew.
Port calls deliver a spending boom to local traders.
Re-provisioning and port fees add to the tourists’ expenditure.
Consider that 12 per cent of Egypt’s workforce are employed in tourism.
The flow-on benefits are huge as are the impacts when tourism income goes down.
Everyone and particularly those in the tourism and travel business would like to see a peaceful end to the current disquiet.

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