10 cruises I’d like to be on

A little touch of wishful thinking from yours truly as Sydney still struggles to cope with wearing woolies and waiting for summer days…
Not in any order…
1. Chilean ice fjords on Scorpios 2
2. Sailing on Star Clipper in the Andaman Sea
3. Round the world on Queen Mary 2
4. Northern Europe and Scandinavia on Europa
5. Cruising the Po River on River Cloud
6. Visiting Antarctica and Mawsons Hut on Orion
7. Sailing the Caribbean on Sea Dream I or Sea Dream II
8. Checking out the Panama Canal on Regent’s Voyager
9. Exploring Egypt and the Red Sea on Silversea’s Silver Whisper
10.River cruising into Russia on Viking Surkov
That’s one of the hazards of being a cruise agent (if you could call it that) there are so many exciting and interesting cruises just waiting to be enjoyed.

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