Your cruise ship is your hotel…

We cruise-lovers love our ships – and we have to love being aboard because that’s where you spend the major portion of your cruising time. But there comes a time when the cruise ends and you have to get off, and then – if it is somewhere you want to stay a while – you discover again how the costs mount up. But wait a bit! Some cruise lines are on your side in this – they arrange their itineraries to give you an overnight stay in port. And then the ship is your hotel.
I can think of several cruise lines who plan their sailings this way – and they are mostly the 4 1/2 to 5 star ships. Now I can add another: the 4-star river cruise company CroisiEurope who, today, have offered a 4-night stay in Venice, in October 2009, aboard a river boat: it’s a cruise that doesn’t leave. The boat stays moored – you stay and dine aboard for 4 nights and each day you are free to explore Venice on your own or with optional guided excursions, all at a quite remarkably low price. There is only one of these “cruises” that I am aware of. But we love to discover the unusual so we’ll keep a watch out for – and would love to hear about – any others.

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