Aussies take to river cruising

Aussies make up about 25% of those who love to river cruise – quite a large proportion when you consider our population against the US and Canada which together make up about 60%. Aussies love something new and river cruising has really taken off in the last couple of years. So when it came time to launch their new ‘Suite Ship’ Avalon Panorama on Saturday May 14, the company chose Australian television host Lisa Wilkinson. On the first cruise open to the public, due to depart Amsterdam 18 May, all but two of the bookings originated in Australasia. So you will need to get in quick if you are interested for this season… if you contact me I’ll see what I can find, but it may be next year! (
To cater for the growing market of river cruise devotees, the company revealed that it will build another ship of the same size (135 metres long) as well as a smaller vessel 110 metres long. They are describing Avalon Panorama as a ‘suite ship’ because it consists of two entire decks of all-suite accommodation. The company says the design offers 30% more cabin space than the average competitor, with wall-to-wall panoramic windows.

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