Sydney Harbour to get better Cruise Ship Facilities

A great day for those who cruise in and out of Sydney! I have written before about the problems for the growing number of cruise ships that bring passengers to our beautiful harbour every year.
Today Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the federal government would guarantee three cruise ships a berth each at Garden Island over the next two cruise seasons.
The problem for Sydney is that currently the only berth is the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay and with many ships such as the Cunard Queens being too large to fit under the Harbour Bridge they have been forced to berth in the Harbour. This means that passengers cannot easily leave the ship but have to travel by tender to the harbour. With a berth at Garden Island passengers can alight in the heart of the city making it much easier and more attractive.
Currently Garden Island is a naval depot and cruise ships such as the Queen Mary II have been allowed to dock on an ad hoc basis.

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