Thoughts of warmer climes on a cold Sydney day

Sydney’s dwellings are not built for cold – they never have been! and when it’s cold and windy you know about it!
When I arrived in Oz as a young English migrant under the Big Brother movement I was amazed at how cold the winters were…especially in the southern highlands where I did a stint on a farm – in winter! But things haven’t changed. After a few weeks of lulling residents into putting away the doonas and dry-cleaning the coats – with the spring winds giving my partner AngelinaTango (AT) and many other Sydneysiders hideous hayfever – the weather has returned to a wintry 15 degrees (60F). According to the weather bureau it’s here to stay for a week at least!
Along with a few of my clients I am thinking of warmer climes… where can I take a short break and warm my blood, swim off my winter blues and get into the mood for a real Aussie summer (which has something to do with lying around on the beach and swimming in the surf)?
But where to? The South Pacific is experiencing extreme weather… tsunamis, typhoons and terrible floods are not enticing… and how badly these disasters are going to affect tourism to these parts will be seen in the coming months. Meanwhile I’m working on finding AT that warm weather tonic – and it might just be a cruise.
I’ve added a weather chart at the bottom of the blog… and while I was searching for it I found this video – the weather isn’t this bad… and I just love this Fats Waller movie – hope it brightens your day – it did mine!!

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