The dreaded swine flu

I get lots of questions about swine flu so I thought it was timely to include some information from the Travelvax people who say that “only people at higher risk of swine flu should forego overseas travel during the current pandemic”.
Anyone travelling needs to be aware of the potential risks of close contact with crowds in particular at airports and on planes and take commonsense precautions against flu, such as washing their hands often in soap and running water and using an alcohol based hand gel when soap is not available. You can buy these gels and have your own on hand for travelling. Also avoiding contact with obviously sick people is a sensible precaution.
If you are planning a trip and are concerned about swine flu you can put together a kit to put your mind at rest. Include latex gloves, antiseptic towelettes, N95 face masks – not all face masks are the same and these are considered the ones you need to protect against flu germs – and contact details for the Australian Health department.
Talking to your doctor, who knows your medical history, is also a wise precaution.

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