Review: V Australia: Sydney to Los Angeles

My partner is on a quick trip to Los Angeles and as we often have to take a flight to meet a ship here is a review of her experiences on this flight. She’ll update it if she feels she has something to add after the return flight.

Flight: Sydney – LA – VA1 – 777D Boeing – Virgin Australia
Class: Economy
Seat configuration: 3-3-3
Seat pitch and depth: 18cm leg room, 15cm recline. You can choose to pay extra for extra legroom – how much depends on your destination.
Features: USB slot, video on demand – dozens of films, TV shows and games to choose from.
Service: Generally helpful, friendly and relaxed.
Food & Beverages: 3 choices including vegetarian for dinner, 2 for breakfast. Heaps of drink choices
Overall it was a comfortable, easy flight and the seats are definitely more comfortable than my last international flight with Qantas. I will be doing an international flight with Qantas in about 2 weeks, so will have something to compare this with.

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