The dilemma of communicating while travelling

When I first travelled it was in the days of mail to a Post Restante address and that only spasmodically. No-one telephoned unless it was a very serious matter, and even then a telegram was more cost-effective! (Showing my age!). Now we expect to be able to keep in touch wherever we are… and there are many ways of doing it.
My son is currently in New Zealand and enjoying the magnificent Wharekauhau Lodge(pronounced “forry-co-ho”)on business! He is communicating with Instagram and text messaging. When we travel we use a local Sim card for the area we are in, but we communicate mainly by email or Skype… and sometimes Instagram. News in the Sydney Morning Herald on the weekend that Aussie travellers will be paying between 100 and 500 per cent extra when they answer a call overseas has got consumer groups up in arms. Competitors Optus and Vodafone have introduced a flat charge that is one-third of that charged by Telstra. I imagine that many travellers, like me, will have to continue to look for ways around this until charges become more realistic!!

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