Travel Insurance and That Ash Cloud

If you have travel insurance that includes cancellation cover, and you have checked with your travel agent that you are indeed covered when things like ash clouds get in the way of your holiday, then you will be dreadfully disappointed that you can’t go away – but you will not be too much out of pocket. However if you haven’t insured (and I am always surprised at the people who don’t…) then chances are you will lose your money.
In winter each year New Zealand puts on a fabulous tango festival with teachers from Buenos Aires as well as across the Tasman. However this year both teachers and festival goers are at the mercy of the ash cloud from the volcano in Chile.
We are currently working on bookings for people who are/were off to New Zealand this weekend. Sadly many are grounded and there is a very real possibility that they will miss this Festival – and for some it will also mean that they lose their money. Good, comprehensive travel insurance covers prepaid expenses so some of these folk will find that they are covered even for their Festival fees. This is where some of the do-it-myself travellers come unstuck. It is easy to book online and to give out credit card details to secure hotel rooms but unless you are covered by an insurance policy that includes cancellation cover you are likely to be out of pocket. It is also important to know that you have to take out the travel insurance when you book the holiday – you can’t take it out once the disaster is known, even if you haven’t left home. Travel agents like me are keen to make sure that their clients get value for money and will always recommend appropriate insurance – and when we do all the booking for a client’s holiday we will often be able to offer a really good price.
I do hope this ash cloud clears and those who are still waiting for their flights make it

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