Why travel insurance

Sometimes we find that folk don’t want to pay Travel Insurance, believing that accidents wont happen to them. Here is a salutory tale of four girls who were glad they did!

Four of the girls who were injured in a motor boat accident near Koh Samui in Thailand in July were insured with the insurance company we recommend. You may remember the news story about seven Australians being hurt in the crash between two boats on their way to a night festival.
This is what we have heard from the insurance company…

“The four girls [those who were insured] were taken to two local hospitals in Koh Samui for treatment.”
The insurance company “concerned about the basic level of medical expertise available in the Koh Samui hospitals” had a Doctor from Bangkok en route to Koh Samui within the hour.
“Within approximately two hours [the company] had two air ambulance jets from Bangkok on the way to pick up the girls with two additional doctors and four nurses.
Until our [the insurance company’s] medical teams arrived in Koh Samui, the girls had only received limited treatment and were relieved to see our [the company’s] team.

The insurance company “…informed the girls’ families as soon as we heard of the situation. They were provided with continuous updates on their condition”. Flights and accommodation were arranged for the parents and a support officer was on hand.
After six days three of the girls were flown home by the insurance company, the fourth required further surgery and was supported in hospital.

Each of the girls had paid just $124 for their insurance cover. By the time the three girls were flown home the cost had come to $145,331 and there was still more to pay.

At Mosman Cruise Centre we are always are happy to quote on travel insurance for you – even if we haven’t booked your trip – most travel agents are. See contact details.

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