Let’s hear it for travel agents

How good to see an article in the popular press – To use or not to use a travel agent? = SMH Traveller online – that gives a balanced view of what travel agents are about. One of the most disheartening things about being travel agent is the feeling you get from some people that you are out to rip them off! We have to make a living, but as this article points out we are not more expensive – and frequently less…

“People always ask me, ‘How much more is it going to cost me to use a travel professional?’ I tell them, essentially, it shouldn’t cost you more; it should cost you less,” Russo said.

“Sometimes, a travel agent will have a relationship with a vendor. They might not be able to get a better price but might be able to get you some extras, such as an onboard credit or a free shore excursion during a cruise or a free hotel room upgrade or free breakfast.”

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Every travel agent is different – and just as you would shop around to find an accountant or a doctor you liked so you should shop around to find a travel agent who understands your travel needs and wants to do the best for you.

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