Cruise terminal for Sydney

The lack of space for cruise ships to dock in Sydney Harbour is an ongoing discussion among many who are involved with the cruise industry – particularly those who live in our magnificent city.
For three to four months a year the harbour welcomes new cruise ships every day, many sailing between the Heads as the sun rises… a memorable experience for those on board.
However there is a shortage of suitable places for ships to dock. Recently the State Government announced a committee to look into the problem of cruise ship facilities in Sydney Harbour, especially east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Many ships are too big to pass under our famous coathanger so establishing cruise terminals at Darling Harbour (Barangaroo) or White Bay Terminal (not an attractive option with its lack of public transport and industrial port look) is not the answer.
Circular Quay did the job for years but is now dwarfed by many of the visiting ships and because it has been given over to restaurants does not work as well as it should.
However a report in the Sydney Morning Herald on 25 May stated that the Defence Department, which controls Garden Bay where the Queen Victoria docked on her last visit, is planning to base additional naval vessels there and this is not an option.
I hope that the committee has some teeth and is capable of making suggestions that are workable – as the White Bay Terminal currently is not. Another possibility might be Chowder Bay with the old Georges Heights military establishment. This area has enormous historical significance as the site of one of the largest military hospitals after World War I. Would a sympathetic development with a ferry wharf taking passengers across to the city be worth considering? I often walk that way and realise I don’t have any photos to illustrate this idea… must get my camera out next time!
Let’s hope something happens sooner rather than later. There is tremendous competition between ports for cruise line traffic and we want the cruise lines to have an easy choice when planning to include Sydney.

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