What’s The World (fmly the World of ResidenSea) like – watch this blog

Tomorrow I’m doing a tour of the ‘World of Residensea’ which is in Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal over Christmas – so I’ll be back before then to post some photos. This will be my first time on board this ship and I am really looking forward to it.
Though we have a website and a blog! one of the things I enjoy most about being a cruise consultant is meeting clients – and talking about ships. I personally enjoy discussing my holiday plans with others in the industry, asking questions and getting answers directly rather than trawling around a website trying to find the answers I want. I am always pleased when I am able to find a cruise to suit a client when it appears from searches they have done that there is nothing to fit their needs. We are a rare breed amongst travel agents – we research everywhere to find the right fit, not only with those known in travel jargon as ‘preferreds’!
So watch this space for my trip around ‘The World’!!

(Which is one ship that will not fit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge – along with the 42 others mentioned in a report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald that are being built, without consideration of the height of our iconic Bridge – over-used word iconic but it seems to fit here!).
Hmph! Well Hmph! at those who plan International Cruise Terminals anyway… What are they thinking of, building a terminal at White Bay just because the land is currently a wasteland, when many existing and new cruise ships simply won’t be able to dock there? It seems ‘they’ are looking around the harbour east of the bridge as well – but since most of the obvious spots seem to belong to the Navy it is likely to be a difficult task. That’s my rant for the day!)

P.S. If you are interested in ship-watching over summer in Sydney visit the Sydney Ports Schedule website.
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